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Say whuuuuuuut?! That's right, we be hiring! That means we will throw money right at your beautiful face, if you agree to spend a chunk of your miserable life writing for us. That is writing kick-ass stuff that feels the same as making love when you read it. Or eating a cheese filled pizza. Whatever rocks our readers' boat. We don't judge.

As an alternative, if you want to write for us just once or on an irregular basis, check this out. Or if you want to intern with us (we have multiple positions open!), hit this link for the lowdown on that.

Who Should Apply?

"Yaar, you should totally write a book" - if you get that a lot during drunk (or sober) conversations with people, skip everything else and get in touch with us. Like, right now! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

We only have so much money to spend, so the criteria for hiring writers is a little strict. Forgive us we decide to not hire you if you don't meet our high-end expectations. We will make the decision on the basis of whatever samples you feel fit to provide. Books, blog links, articles, Facebook notes, tweets and Orkut testimonials. All of them are fair game. We feel it's almost impossible to provide a tangible description of our requirements, so if you think you are good enough, give it a shot. If you know someone who might be good enough, ask them to give it a shot too.

Apart from the above, you should have the following:

  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Good internet connection at home/hostel. Preferably broadband. If you can access the interwebs from your phone, it would be a plus.
  3. Willingness to work hard. We have crazy methods of punishing lazy people. You. Don't. Wanna. Know.
  4. Be honest. If you cannot do something or don't have time for some reason, let us know. We will try to keep our dogs from mauling you.
  5. You should understand and know what Whackk! is all about. Properly.Better have a good grasp of grammar. The English kind. Not the German or Hindi or French or Spanish. English.
  6. Should have good writing skills too. This is most important.
  7. Should have taken a look at the type of content Whackk! serves to its readers. You should also know if you, as a writer, are a good fit for us. (Don't worry, if you aren't we will let you know).
  8. Should text in normal English and not use yo-yo txtng lol bff lmao rofl language. Not necessary, but this does increase your chances.

What's In It For You?

Money, obviously. We did mention that, right?! Are you really looking for more incentives? Oh well. Okay. We don't want to hard-sell ourselves, but we are a pretty big deal. This site, right here, has been alive and kicking since 3+ glorious years. So you satisfy that writer in you too, because, you know, established fan following and millions of readers and all that.

How To Apply?

Shoot us an email to writeforus[at]whackk[dot]com and wait for your reply. Make sure you include a very brief paragraph about yourself, attach or put in links to samples of your writing and attach your resume too. If you are hot, attaching a picture of yourself won't hurt your chances.



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