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Last time we explored this territory, the Indian interwebz went wild. We promised an encore if there was a popular demand for it. And here we are! Popular kids and all that we’ve become now, we be stayin’ humble and fulfilling our promise.

If our last jibe was something that made Dr. Watsa sit up and take notice then the man has stepped up his game. And so have the people sending in questions. The amount of awe some of these cause is, well, awesome. I’ve tried to bucket these into vague categories this time, since you and I both love categories.

1) Confusion


My highly accurate and researched analysis on the basis of guesswork suggests that about 90% of questions on this column belong to this category. We are, after-all, a sexually undereducated nation. Confusion always persists when a subject is not taught well. Confused students ask funny questions.




2) Creativity


Do you know why Kamasutra was written in this country and nowhere else? Because creativity and repressed sexuality come very naturally to us and a combination of the two was inevitable.


3) Complain


Haters gon’ hate, whiners gon’ whine. Not without showing off a little though.




5) Chef


I knew all these Masterchef shows would destroy our society in some crooked way. I knew it!


4) Crude


Brb. Gotta use the restroom. Puke-storm incoming!




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