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Last year the Telegraph reported that one in hundred children is a psychopath. That means, that for every hundred person you count, one of them is a loony head with the capacity to kill you. The fact that there are 1.3 billion people in India, it means that there are *gasp* enough cuckoos to build an army. Let’s hope the Nutty HQ isn’t near your house.

Let’s see the five psychos who’ve made their mark in the Indian History:

1. Raghav Raman/ Psycho Raman

Modus Operandi: Killed people on the Mumbai streets by bludgeoning them to death in the 1960s.

Death Toll: Killed 23 people in the 1960s. Raped and killed his sister.

Sentence: Caught because he didn’t care if he was caught and left too much of evidence and was given life after authorities found him mentally unstable. He eventually died in a mental asylum.

Shiver factor: Believed that there were two worlds. The one he lived in was without ‘kanoon’. Thought everyone was trying to turn him into a woman and hated homosexuality. He also believed that the British Raj still existed.

So the next time anyone talks to you about a parallel universe and that they belong to it, RUN! Run as fast as your legs can carry you!

2. Stoneman

Notice the lack of name? Yeah, you guessed right! Stoneman was never caught.

Modus Operandi: In the 1980s he killed homeless people in Bombay and Calcutta by smashing their heads with a 30 kg stone.

Death Toll: Killed 13 people.

Sentence: Never found by Mumbai and Calcutta police.

Shiver Factor: One, he killed people in sleep when their defence was at the lowest point. Two, he abruptly stopped killing in 1988 and could still be out there.

3. Beerman

Fancy a few beers from an unknown person? After reading this, beer will become your number one enemy.

Modus Operandi:  Killed victims with a blow on the head and stabbed their chest. He operated in Mumbai from 2007 onwards. Left beer cans next to three of his victims. However, MO changed when came to know that police was onto him.

Death Toll: Killed eight people.

Sentence: Never found and hence no sentence. However, one Ravindra Kantrole is a suspect.

Shiver Factor: He killed men after having sex with them. He also left a note on the fourth murder scene with incomprehensible English!

4. Thug Behram

Ever wondered where the English word ‘Thug’ came from? Yup! You guessed it right, from our very own desi serial killer. If there was ever the king of desi killers, it would be him (hands down).

Modus Operandi: He used him kamarband as a handkerchief to strangle victims in 1800s.

Death Toll: He has killed an alleged 931 killers out of which he only confirmed 125-150.

Sentence: He was hanged till death in 1840.

Shiver Factor: He had a medallion on his kamarband that he placed on the adam’s apple of his victim for effective strangulation and killed almost a 1000 people.

5. Surender Koli

This guy can give Hannibel Lecter from the Silence of the Lambs a run for his money.

Modus Operandi: His victims were mostly women and children. He cut each body into three pieces. He strangled his victims first before dismembering them. (thankfully?!)  and collected skulls and bone pieces.

Death Toll: Nineteen people out of which 11 were reported to be women. He confirmed five of the deaths.

Sentence: Death sentence

Shiver Factor: He would rape women after they died. Allegedly, Koli also ate some parts of his victims.

Psychopaths are out there; living, breathing, playing and reading with us. It could be the nosy neighbour or the puppy eyed chocolate boy or the adorable 80 year old aunty. But, they exist. What do you do? Just keep your wits about and if you feel anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to act out .This doesn’t mean kill anyone beforehand based on suspicion (you’d be the psycho) then; could be just leaving a certain place as well. Or you could just hide in a cave and live out the rest of your life fearing humans!

Sanchi Bhat

A self-professed economist out to prove, through independent research and economic models, that happiness lies in gobbling chocolates!

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