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What is Whackk! ?

Actually, even we aren't very sure what the bloody hell Whackk! is.. Yeah, you could summarise it in one line and say Whackk! is an e-magazine for the insane youth of India. That says quite a lot. But unfortunately thats not enough. I mean, seriously, if you had to write that down as an answer in an exam you wouldn't be getting any marks. You would have to bullshit, beat a bit around the bush. Getting my flow? So lets find out what it is: (or jump straight to conclusion)



Here, you say, "Wait... WHAT??!!". By BYOFYO, we mean by the youth - for the youth. 'Nuff said.

Chessy? Yes. But it helps us make a point.


A Bunch Of Old Farts - We Are Not

You'd except something like Whackk! to be managed and maintained by a bunch of old penis-heads who think they know what we want. How do they know? Through some surveys and other marketing stereotypes? Ya, right. Phtttbbbfffff.

The average age of the Whackk! team is 19. Or 19.5. Baah! Maths! But you get our point.


Young India's Mouthpiece ?

Hmmmm. We would like to be reffered to as something like that. But 'mouthpiece' is so Shiv Sena. At the same time we can't think of a better word without being too cheesy. And we can't be too cheesy now, can we?


Cool. But Whats With All The Exclamations!?

Ah. You see there is quite the story behind that. But unfortunately, it cannot be revealed to incompetent minds. Get in touch with us. Maybe we will let you know.



So, Whackk! is an online e-magazine for the youth of India, by the youth of India, that is run, managed and maintained by people who are not a bunch of old farts and aspire for Whackk! to be considered young India's mouthpiece. We also tend to have a fetish for exclamation marks. Which is a little disturbing.



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